Ethiopia joins megadiverse countries

21 Dec 2016

The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change announced that Ethiopia has joined megadiverse countries' list after unanimously approved by the high level megadiverse countries meeting held on the sidelines of UN Biodiversity Conference held December

2-17, 2016 in Cancun, Mexico.

The decision to recognize Ethiopia as megadiverse country came following its official request in 2014.

Minister Dr. Gemedo Dale told a press conference yesterday that it is no surprise for Ethiopia to be considered as megadiverse country given its huge and endemic plant, mammal, bird, reptiles and amphibian species.

Dr. Gemedo further noted that the recognition as home to mega diversity would help the country get the necessary technical and financial support from the international community to preserve its resources.

Despite the recognition, Dr. Gemedo underlined the need for proper registration , documentation and preservation of biodiversity. Particularly, Dr. Gemedo urged research institutes, universities and other relevant ministeries to integrate biodiversity conservation in their respective tasks.

The minister also noted that Ethiopia has presented its best practices and experience in mainstreaming biodiversity at the conference.

Indicating the significance of the recognition, the minister called on stakeholders to contribute their share toward biodiversity conservation.

The megadiverse countries account around 70 percent of the majority of Earth's species and a large number of endemic species. Ethiopia is the 19th country to join the group.








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